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Direct Labour Construction


The choice of Direct Labor eliminates the use of contractors on construction project and therefore places a lot of risks on the client/client’s in-house personnel to manage the implementation of the designs, preparation of cashflows, manage claims, procurement schedules and most importantly risks associated with Direct Labour.

Where clients lack the expertise and/or experience, they underestimate the challenges of Direct Labour which results in delays, poor quality works and unmet expectations.

This 3-Day Direct Labour Construction Workshop is designed to equip clients, investors and developers with advanced project management skills required to manage the Procurement of Goods, Works and Services and generate realistic schedules that works on Direct Labour projects

The course would cover critical success factors such as:

  • Critical activities at the different phases of Building Construction projects
  • Selection and Management of Design Consultants for Quality, Cost-effective Designs
  • Considerations for using either Traditional or Direct Labour method of construction
  • Preparation of Work Program, Labour and Material schedules to determine the quantity of resources and cashflow projections
  • Supervision of actual purchasing of the materials, using the appropriate inventory modeling techniques.
  • Project Monitoring and Control of Construction using appropriate tracking tools
  • Managing Risks common in a Direct Labour approach to construction contracts.

This program is designed for Clients, Investors and developers who are involved with the management of Direct Labour construction projects; have responsibility for supervising people and report to clients and/or senior management. Such as Private Investors, Client’s Representatives, Project Managers, Project Committees, etc.

3 Days

Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd Mar. 2018

Location: Lagos

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