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NNPC; Oil & Gas Procurement Processes

The Procurement process in any oil and gas organization is crucial in ensuring precise delivery of supplies, materials and services to the relevant units within organizations in the least possible amount of time and cost incurred. A single mistake may lead to a disruption in the overall supply chain management of the organization.
This course will also focus on the development of new procurement ideas and techniques reinforced by targeted strategic development exercises and practical case studies as well as the instructor’s personal examples.

  • Industry Overview for Procurement
  • Procurement’s role in Oil and Gas value chain management-upstream, midstream and downstream
  • The E&P asset management cycle and total cost of ownership(TCO)
  • Industry Regulatory and contractor safety compliance issues that impact procurement.
  • Economics of Oil and Gas that drive procurement value creation.
  • Oil and Gas Law and global contracting risks
  • Key Procurement and supplier performance metric
  • Creating industry category management (sector) strategies.
  • The influence of eCommerce and eProcurement initiatives in oil and gas

Procurement Executives, Officers and Specialists in the Oil and Gas sector, Procurement coordinators and analysts ,Contract Executives and Specialists, Supply Chain Executives, Sourcing Executives and Analysts, Expeditors, Materials and Suppliers Buyers, Procurement, Project and Material Managers, Operational Managers, Supply Risk Management, Planning and Scheduling Staff.
At the end of this course, participants will be able to understand:

  • The role of industry Economics in dictating procurement good practices in cost management
  • How the industry is modeled in the E&P (upstream), midstream and downstream value chains.
  • How the industry is structured including host country and strategic relationships
  • Business drivers and interface issues to be supported by procurement in an environment of increasing joint operations and shifting relationship models around the globe.
  • Characteristics of supply markets to oil and gas and the emphasis on market intelligence practices and managing supply risks.
  • What constitutes effective procurement/supply chain metrics for performance improvement
  • Industry global compliance needs and how procurement can add value in meeting them.
  • Procurement challenges unique to the industry including global sourcing, local content requirements, and the growth of eCommerce.

3 Days

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