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Measuring Value Proposition of Projects

An important element of a good solution is that it solves a real problem (one that’s actually worth solving), and that it ultimately provides value back to the audience benefiting from that solution. It sounds simple to define a solution that adds real value back to the business, but it can be challenging to identify the correct desired business outcome and solution that will allow you to realize the value.
One method to improve the delivery of success is to identify measurements and track results against them. But what are the right measurements that will drive success? Selecting the wrong measurements will most likely ensure the delivery of lesser or no value to the business. We have developed a unique approach to identifying and defining Key Performance Indicators with our KPI Impact Analysis Framework™. This framework has an 8 step process to accurately define the value driven desired outcome, business and solution success results, and measurements for each result to achieve the overall desired outcome.
This approach provides a foundation and information that can be utilized throughout all phases of a project lifecycle. The information developed within the framework provides cost/benefit data, case objectives, and a basis for project estimates required for developing a business case. It feeds the project objectives, requirements, and provides a roadmap for setting stakeholder expectations and measuring milestones. This information is critical in evaluating success and guiding decisions to continue with a project or consider new approaches. 

  • Identifying Business Results and Solution Option Success
  • Defining an outcome that delivers value
  • Identify the solution outcome and results
  • Identifying, Selecting, and Utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Identify key performance conditions for solution performance
  • Select KPIs
  • Utilize KPIs
  • Exercise

This course is designed for experienced or senior business analysts, product owners, project managers, program or portfolio managers or any other business partner or project team member involved with creating solutions proposals, business cases, scoping the project and articulating value propositions. This course may also be appropriate for individuals who manage business analysts and need a more in-depth understanding of the process and skill set that would be helpful for effective business analysis with regard to delivering value driven solutions.
At the end of this course, participants will be able to understand:
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